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IT consulting and support is an Essential service in the province of Ontario during the COVID-19 pandemic.  GSS is proud to stay open at full capacity to support our clients during these challenging times.  

Providing secure connectivity solutions for your remote office and employees

Complete, remote team collaboration services from Email/Chat and File sharing to Calendar/Contact sharing and site building using the latest Office 365 Products and Suites.

As a response to COVID-19 GSS is offering a variety of free emergency relief software licenses that enable work from home users full access to corporate resources.

Our support services stay running and immediate, remote support available for all customers at all times.

Is Infrastructure as a Service right for me?

Small Business IT Solutions

Infrastructure as a service both on premise and in the cloud.
As a Service
Managed threat detection and mitigation services and network level monitoring
As a Service
Business Continuity and service availability level assurance
As a Service

Got System Solutions Inc.


571 Chrislea Rd, Woodbridge, Ontario


Toll Free: (888)216-8979

Industry leading Small Business IT Multi Service Provider with expertise in a complete focus of IT infrastructure and newly offered Infrastructure as a service, Security and Compliance as well as Business Continuity, Got System Solutions is the proud choice of many Canadian small to mid sized businesses for completely managed IT services and solutions for all sector sizes.  By implementing scale down enterprise solutions and models, Got System Solutions specializes in delivering Enterprise grade applications and service level agreements to Businesses of all budgets using leading edge Business IT Solutions. By partnering with strategic vendors, as well as acquiring various specialty certifications, Got System Solutions can deliver turn-key IT Business Solutions for your small business from procurement to “Day 2” IT Support at a fraction of your current staffing budget.

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